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Through the combined efforts of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, Occhio now offers a broad range of instruments for both wet and dry particle characterization methods. Implementing a direct measurement method and high-quality optics ensures accuracy and reliability in every Occhio instrument. This dedication to creating quality instrumentation, combined with our exclusive Callisto 3D software, which has been created and developed by Occhio for over 20 years, makes Occhio the clear choice for all your instrumentation needs. All Occhio Instruments and software comply with ISO independent certifications and standards including: ISO 9276-6, ISO 13322-2, and ISO 13322-1. With a broad particle detection range, between 0.2µm and 30mm, there is certainly an Occhio instrument to suit your needs and if needed, we also work with our customers to design and create custom platforms to overcome individual challenges. Give us a call or email us today at info@occhio.be; Occhio invites you to see the difference with our direct measurement instrumentation!

New! Biopharmaceutical applications

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Precision Instruments for Particle Size and Shape Characterization

  • Dry and Liquid Applications Ranging from 0.2µm to 30mm
  • Over 100 Different 3D Measurements Including Particle Size, Shape, Density, and Color
  • Synchronized Results with Sieve and Laser Scattering Measurements
  • Laboratory and Online Support
  • Single or multi-Sampling options as well as Fully Automated Options
  • Dedicated Engineering, Work with Occhio’s Engineers to Develop Custom Solutions

Take a look below at our most popular instruments!

Alternatively, take a look at the complete list of all Occhio insturments, here!






500 Nano XY


The 500 Nano XY is the latest innovation in the latest innovation in the Nano series instrumentation from Occhio bringing you both wet and dry analyses in high resolution. With a post-objective pixel size less than 0.2µm, this instrument delivers unrivaled precision and versatility. The patented Occhio vacuum dispersion system makes homogenous dispersions, without damaging the delicate samples, quick and easy. See more on this innovative instrument, click the title to follow the link! 






Ipac 2


The Ipac 2 is the newest flowing microscopy instrument from Occhio. Seen here with the optional, integrated robotic dispensing unit, this instrument is capable of automated analyses with little sample dilution. Originally developed for protein aggregation and characterization, this platform is one of our most versatile and robust instruments and is now used in many different applications such as silicone detection and various other forms of product management and quality control. To see more, follow the link above!





Zephyr ESR 2


The Zephyr ESR 2 is the latest rapid particle characterization instrument from Occhio. Using a large upper funnel and a weight sensing, auto-correcting, vibrating dispersion unit, the ESR 2 makes quick work of large volume samples. Using one of the fasted cameras available, capable of over 75 images per second, the sample images are captured as the particles fall between the camera and the backlight into the recovery bin. Created to replace, with perfect correlation, traditional sieve methods, this instrument comes with TWO software programs, the traditional Callisto 3D and Granusize, an innovative, easy-to-use software which uses preprogrammed “buttons” to analyze samples with little to no personnel training. To see more, follow the link above!