Application note

For any application questions feel free to contact us (contact), or maybe you can find an answer in one of these papers:

  • Analysis of cement in ethanol suspension (apn16-SD001)
  • Milled polyethylene characterisation (apn16-SD002)
  • Sieve correlation (apn16-SD003)
  • Quality control of atomized powders (apn16-SD004)
  • Abrasive property of industrial diamond (apn16-SD005)
  • Dispersion and analysis of a dry aggregated fibers (apn16-SD006)
  • Analysis of tobacco (apn16-SD007)
  • 3D pellet characterisation (apn16-SD008)
  • Seeds characterization, colour and husk moisture analysis (apn16-SD009)
  • Measurement of the surface of alumina catalyst support (apn16-SD010)
  • Characterisation of CMP slurry, particle counting in high concentration suspension (apn16-SD011)
  • Milk powders hydratation process (apn16-SD012)
  • Analysis of talc powder for pharmaceutical application (apn16-SD013)
  • Crystallisation process, controlling size and shape of crystals during growing process(apn16-SD014)
  • Milled coffee analysis (apn16-SD015)

Our knowledge goes beyond this list so do not hesitate to ask more!