Precision Instruments for Particle Size and Shape Characterization


Occhio specializes in the manufacturing and development of measurement instruments for the characterization of the size and shape of powders, aggregates, suspensions and emulsions.

Our instruments use ISO compliant image analysis methods which allows the shape and size distribution of different types of samples to be calculated in a wide variety of applications.

Depending on the type of samples and the characterization needs requested by our customers, we can offer you cutting-edge software and instruments for:

  • Laboratory analyses
  • Quality Control
  • Production control
  • Research and development


Image analysis (dynamic and static) is the most suitable method for precision measurement with the added benefit of giving the user a better understanding of the physical properties of a sample. This technique is used for research and development applications but also for routine analyses replacing both the sieving and laser diffraction methods.


New! Biopharmaceutical Applications


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Occhio’s success in various industrial application has given way to many technological advancements and instrument developments which are unique to Occhio. These advancements and experience has now been customized for the biotech industry, catering to the needs of cutting edge research and development teams as well as high production testing facilities.

Our Biotech Sector Specializes in the Following points; however this is only the tip of our knowledge!

  • Protein aggregate size and shape characterization
  • Bacteria Counting for antibiotic resistance testing
  • Pharmaceutical powder analysis
  • Microcrystal size and shape analyses