Ipac 2 CMP

Image analysis technology for CMP slurries applications: particle counting, particle size and shape characterisation. Liquid flow controlled by a precision syringe pump.


Instrument overview

One of the important points for quality control in a CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) slurry is the detection of coarse particles and aggregates that exceed the critical size for the planarization process. The Ipac 2 CMP is specially configured to detect and count these particles. This configuration allows for reduction in sample dilution and an increase in measurement reliability. The goal is to detect and count the small amount of coarse particles. Compared to FC200S+HR, this instrument uses the same HR sensor but in combination with a dedicated optical bench that increase the resolving power for slurry, suspension applications.
Occhio Ipac 2 CMP is fully computer controlled instrument. Sample flow is obtained by the use of a precision syringe pump integrated within the instrument. As with all the Occhio wet dispersion instruments, the flow cell core is supplied with different spacer thicknesses. Occhio ipac 2 CMP is able to detect submicron particles and deliver you unrivalled image quality. 


With Occhio ipac 2 CMP you can measure:

  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Particle concentration (particle counting)
  • Particle transparency

Related software

Data and images of every single particle are stored in an Occhio binary database. The instrument is driven by Callisto software, which controls the entire analysis: ‘SOP’, statistic, reporting and data storages.


Main features:

Particle Size Range From 0.2µm to 500µm
Sample Flow Control Precision Syringe
Cell Thickness Variable thickness