Wet dispersion applications



Ipac 2

Occhio's most versitile wet dispersion instrument with a particle size range between 200nm to 1000µm, minimum sample quantity 0.02ml



suspension and emulsion from 200nm to 1mm, minimum sample quantity 0.1ml




suspension and emulsion from 600nm to 1mm, minimum sample quantity 30ml




suspension and emulsion from 200nm to 1mm, minimum sample quantity 20ml, heating cell and beaker for temperature controlled analysis up to 150°C






Suspensions and Emulstions with particle size range between 200nm to 1000µm. Integrated partistaltic pump for precision and high quantity measurements alike.





Dry dispersion applications

500 Nano

Dry powder analysis from 200nm to mm range, dispersion surface 90mm.

Zephyr LDA

dry powder analysis from 7µm to 5mm, vibrating and air flow dispersion

500 nano XY

Dry and Liquid particle analyses from 200nm to mm range, dispersion surface 140mm.


Zephyr ESR 2

dry powder and granules analysis from 30µm to 30mm, vibration and gravity dispersion



Morpho 3D I New I

three dimensional size and shape analysis, from 500µm to 10mm, vibration and mechanical dispersion



Scan 700

seed and granule analysis from 10µm to cm range, manual or semiautomatic dispersion


Special instruments



verification and calibration of standard sieves according with ASTM norms.


Dry particle dispersion device for homogenous dispersions every time







Occhio Calisto 

The Original Callisto Software is still in use today! Although all new instruments now come with Callisto 3D, the original Calisto software is still supported and eligable for technical support and maintanence.


Occhio Calisto 3D I New I

Faster calculations along with 3D Modeling capabilities. Compatible with all current instruments! Contact us today to see if your instrument is upgradable!


GranuSize I New I

This software has been designed to work with the Zephyr ESR, ESR 2, and LDA models to provide our users with a solid platform for large volume production quality control operations without the need to train workers.